Friday, March 18, 2016

I long for you to come back

Over the phone, my dad said
When you come back home
I would throw a party
And invite all the countrymen I know in my village
To come over and give you warm hugs
I had been raising ducks, chicken, geese and fish
So that your cousins could come over and help me to prepare the feast
My dad didn’t say I would have to buy hundreds of them hundreds of gifts
(because he knew I wouldn’t)
When I asked why bother spending on a feast
He said pride.
I wondered what made him so proud
I was the daughter that had run away as soon and far as I could
the daughter that had been trying too hard to do well
and  had never once thought of coming back
to her birthplace and her own dad.
So we must celebrate, he said
Will there be anybody waiting for me back home, I asked
Now there was a moment of silence
But amongst all the nuances, the broken sentences and the unsaid words
I heard my dad saying
Daughter darling, I am the one who always long for you to come back


  1. How lucky you are!

    1. Yes, indeed and I am grateful for that.

  2. Con cái có trưởng thành, có lớn khôn, có thành công hay sai phạm gì đi chăng nữa thì cha mẹ vẫn luôn là người chờ đón đứa con về lại tổ ấm và ôm chầm trong vòng tay mà héng!

  3. Nước mắt luôn chảy xuôi chị nhỉ!